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Chipped, Broken Tooth Dentist – More Smiles of Beverly

Chipped or broken tooth dentistry is one of the commonest cases handled by emergency dentists. While the enamel that covers your teeth is the hardest, most mineralized tissue in the body, it can be compromised. When that happens, and you suffer a chipped or broken tooth, our dentist can provide the best possible care to set you on the course to full recovery. 

What to do when you notice a chipped or broken tooth 

Most cases of chipped or broken tooth result from accidents. A fall or a serious blow to the face can make a tooth chip or even break, especially when the tooth has already been compromised by decay. If this happens, seeking immediate dental care will relieve associated pain and restore your smile in record time. 

A tooth can also chip or break in a less dramatic manner. It can happen when you are crunching on something really hard. The chip may not appear to be very serious, but it is important that you contact a dentist as soon as you notice it. Early dental intervention will prevent other problems and restore your smile to what it used to be or even something better. 

What to expect 

At More Smiles of Beverly, we offer the best treatment options for chipped, broken teeth. Our Emergency Dentist in Beverly, Dr. Ademola J. Adekola Jr., is an experienced and well-recognized practitioner who utilizes the most current and innovative technology to achieve the best results. 

When you visit our clinic in Beverly, our dentist will observe the severity of your chipped or broken tooth and discuss the best solution. If there is a need for that, emergency care will be offered before the real consultation. Possible solutions include dental filling or bonding, dental cap or crown, dental veneers, as well as root canal therapy. 

For the best emergency dental care for a chipped or broken tooth, visit More Smiles of Beverly as soon as possible.