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Emergency Dentist Beverly CHI

It can happen to anyone. You fall off a bicycle, trip during a hike, or fall while cleaning your home and injure your mouth. For many, such injuries do not require a visit to an emergency dentist. However, there are times when an emergency dentist is the best solution for ensuring the health of your teeth and gums after injury.

When Should You Visit an Emergency Dentist?

In most cases, determining if an injury or complication is a dental emergency can be challenging. It is best to contact your dentist if you are experiencing any of the following circumstances:

  • Knocked-Out Tooth – If your permanent tooth has been completely removed from the socket, you should contact your dentist immediately. It is important to handle the tooth with care and keep it from drying out. If you are unable to stick the tooth back into the socket, it is recommended that you hold it in your cheek while waiting to see the dentist.
  • Dental Pain – If you are experiencing constant pain in your mouth, it is important to contact your dentist to be seen as soon as possible. The dentist can help determine the source of your pain and help you restore your oral health.
  • Swelling and Bleeding – If you notice any swelling with pain, it could be a sign of a deeper issue such as an infection. You will want to contact your dentist as soon as possible to ensure the health of your teeth and gums. If you are on blood thinners and experience unexplained bleeding you will want to consult with your dentist or doctor to ensure there is not an issue with your medication or liver.

Contact Your Emergency Dentist in Beverly CHI

If you are experiencing any swelling, pain, or tooth loss that require emergency dental assistance, please contact your dentist in Beverly CHI today. We are here to help you with all your dental needs.