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What to Expect During Your Visit with Your Root Canal Specialist in Beverly CHI

Endodontic treatment is usually recommended when the tooth pulp becomes infected from bacteria, inflamed, or is dead. Such a situation may be caused by untreated tooth decay or tooth fracture that leaves the nerve exposed to infection. Visiting a root canal specialist in Beverly CHI can help save a badly damaged tooth and extend its functional life when the only alternative would have been removal. 

During the procedure, the root canal specialist will:

  • Uses special metal instruments and disinfectant material to clean out the root canals 
  • Places a sheet of latex or “rubber dam” over the tooth (held in position with a clip) for both comfort and safety during treatment. It prevents debris and bacteria in the mouth from going into the root canals and stop water from the drill or bits from the filling away from the back of the mouth 
  • After cleaning the root canal and placing the root filling, the tooth is restored to seal and protect it from bacteria for the continued success of the tooth. Restored back teeth may not be strong enough to withstand normal chewing function as they are, so they should be covered with an onlay or crown. Front teeth, on the other hand, can be strengthened by adding a white filling. 

Although the process is the same for treating all teeth, it takes much longer to treat a molar compared to a front tooth because back teeth have three or four canals that need to be cleaned and filled. Moreover, if the tooth is infected, your root canal specialist in Beverly CHI may require you to schedule multiple visits to ensure adequate cleaning and disinfection. If your treatment requires multiple visits, a temporary filling will be placed as a seal between visits. 

Final Note 

After pulp removal, the restored tooth will no longer be sensitive to hot or cold, though some patients report mildly altered sensations. However, the tooth can still decay and must be treated with the same level of care as your other teeth. 

To find out if root canal therapy is right for you, schedule your consultation with your endodontist in Beverly CHI today.