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Root Canal Specialist / Endodontics in Beverly CHI

Visiting a root canal specialist for endodontic treatment is usually to relieve the severe pain of toothaches caused by infection or inflammation of the pulp. With modern techniques and anesthetics, the procedure is painless and comfortable for the vast majority of patients. Some people report mild sensitivity for the first several days after treatment, but this can be easily managed using over-the-counter prescriptions. 

Here are some facts to keep in mind about visiting a root canal specialist:

1. Infected Tooth Pulp Cannot Be Ignored 

Any type of tooth infection cannot be ignored, not only because of the extreme pain it causes but also because leaving it untreated can lead to more serious problems. During your root canal consultation, the endodontics specialist will explain the options for dealing with an infected tooth, and discuss with you their pros and cons that need to be considered relative to the amount and type of damage or infection on the tooth. 

3. Root Canal Treatment is the Only Way to Save the Tooth

Root canal therapy allows you to restore the tooth to its normal form and function. It may cost more than extraction, but it allows you to save a tooth and prevent gaps in your smile that will have to be filled later with invasive treatments. 

4. Removing a Tooth is Cheaper in the Short-term

The extraction of an infected tooth is actually the easiest way to deal with tooth pain and sensitivity. It is the most affordable option and can be done in a single appointment without the need for follow-up appointments. That said, you must be prepared to deal with the lost function and form of the tooth, as well as the resulting wound that will take fairly long to heal because of the moist oral environment. 

5. Visiting a Root Canal Specialist is More Economical for Your Long-term Oral Health 

Unnecessary removal of a tooth is often expensive in the long run. Extraction is followed with tooth replacement using a partial denture, implant, or bridgework, which cost more than endodontic treatment and crown placement.

Final Note 

If you choose to pursue extraction alone because it’s cost-effective, there will be biological consequences that may include adjacent teeth shifting, compromised speech, trouble eating, and even premature facial aging. Moreover, some tooth replacement options are invasive and/or depend on support from adjacent natural and healthy teeth, plus they may need additional work to keep them clean. 

Make sure to ask your endodontics specialist in Beverly CHI as many questions as you need to in order to choose the most appropriate treatment plan for you.