wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Beverly CHI

While every tooth in your mouth is important, some play more important roles than others. Wisdom teeth are one of the least important teeth in terms of functionality. They are also the most problematic set of teeth in the mouth of humans. 

While some adults have their wisdom teeth grow in completely without any trouble are at all, many are not so lucky. Wisdom teeth develop changes and complications while growing or even after some years of coming out completely. They are prone to a wide variety of problems. 

Since they are not so important and are prone to problems, dentists recommend wisdom teeth extraction in order to avoid dental emergencies. Regular dental checkups are important to detect issues with wisdom teeth in time. 

What Are The Signs That You May Need Wisdom Teeth Extraction? 

Here are some of the signs that will indicate that you need wisdom teeth extraction: 

  • Crooked Growth 

If a wisdom tooth emerges in a crooked way, the chances are high that it will push against other teeth as it grows, affecting the jaw and causing other problems. 

  • Ongoing Pain 

It is normal to experience pain when a tooth is erupting. However, if the pain is too much in the case of wisdom teeth, it can be a sign of trouble. It can lead to swelling of the gum tissue and several other problems that can be prevented by extraction. 

  • Pericoronitis 

This happens when the emerging wisdom teeth form a flap of soft tissue on the gum and trap food particles. This can lead to a buildup of bacteria and gum infection. 

  • Caries, Pulpitis, and Root Infection 

Wisdom teeth are harder to clean, making them prone to decay and associated problems like pulpitis and root infections. 

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